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Volunteer Information


Volunteers are valued members of our community and we sincerely appreciate your hard work and dedication on behalf of our children.  Without volunteers, we would have a difficult time providing many of our extra programs. 

Giving of your time and talent adds such much to our school community.  There is no job too small and no task that is insignificant.  May God bless you for all that you do for His children.


The success of the school and parish depends on the involvement of our parents, and we would like to invite everyone to consider volunteering in any of our ministries or school activities.


  • Lector Ministry

  • Eucharistic Ministry

  • Usher Ministry

  • Sacristan Ministry

  • Music Ministry

  • Funeral Ministry

  • Hospitality Ministry (including parish festivals)

  • Faith Formation (Catechist/Catechist Aide)

  • Book Fair (October)

  • Athletics (Schedule dependent)

  • Science Fair/Invention Convention (Schedule dependent)

  • Parish Picnic (August)

  • Boo Bash (October)

  • Fundraisers (Schedule dependent)

  • Room Parent

Twenty hours of volunteer service will be assigned per family of enrolled students. These volunteer hours may be served to the school, parish, or both. If you are unable to satisfy these hours, you may consider buying out of the requirement for $200.00.

Volunteer hours will be accounted for through X2Vol which is a web-based software program designed to help schools manage the accounting of its community’s parent/student/staff volunteer hours.

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