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Parish School Advisory Council


The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Parish School Advisory Council is made up of five to thirteen voting members.  Additionally, the council may include non-voting/Ex-officio members.


The primary purpose of the council shall be to:


(1) Aid the Pastor and the Principal in their governance of the School according to, and consistent with the norm of canon law;


(2) Make recommendations to the Pastor or his designee or the Principal as to the further development of the School as a whole; and


(3) Advance to the Pastor and the Principal issues and concerns of the School community (including those of parents and students), as well as advance to parents, issues and concerns of the Pastor and Principal.



Parish School Advisory Council 


 President: Fr. Jim Jankoswski

Chairperson: Dr. Leary Adams Jr.

Mr. Joseph Novotni


Mr. Len Urso, Principal

Mr. Roger West

Ms. Marcie Wilske

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