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Mission Statement


Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is committed to the preparation of students to become well-adjusted, well-educated Catholic adults capable of adapting and functioning in a multicultural society. Throughout the learning process, students will be challenged and supported in all aspects of their development. Through ethical principles, students will be prepared to think critically, creatively, problem solve, and successfully face the challenges of living within an ever-changing global and technological society.


One Bread, One Body, One School, One Parish 


The purpose of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School is to provide a Catholic education based on the call of the Church to "Teach as Jesus did." We strive to teach the message of Christ, to advance the building of a Catholic community, and to encompass all people in love and service. Through our school-wide learning expectations, our school is committed to the total development of the child including: active faith-filled Catholics, lifelong learners, effective communicators, and responsible citizens who are culturally and globally aware. 


Our school is an integral part of the parish structure of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and the community of Las Vegas that calls for integration and interdependence. Therefore, as shareholders (clergy, parishioners, faculty, parents, and students) we strive to teach the truths and traditions of our Catholic faith and values in a Christ-centered environment.   


As one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic church, we recognize the fundamental dignity and uniqueness of each individual, and encourage the practice of self-discipline while maintaining a strong sense of personal responsibility. Students will be aided in the development of their ability to foster a healthy respect for themselves and others; to think creatively and problem solve; to nurture a love for life-long learning; and to stimulate the spirit of inquiry and innovation. 


In Catholic, christian unity we recognize parents as the primary educators of their children whose religious experience is continued in the Catholic school. Our school provides the children with the tools necessary to be strong, vital members of our Catholic community.  Our parents have a vital role in establishing habits that prepare their children for success through their own self-discipline, prayer, and weekly attendance at Mass. 

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